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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Google Allowing More Control Over Personalized Search

Matt Cutts says that Google is now adding a "Remove result" link after personalized search results.

The idea is that you can report which results stick, remove the spam, and eventually Google can figure out how to use the data to improve everyone's results.

Many are reporting that they see the link, although I can't get the damn thing to work. I've been using the personalized search, and I tried Matt's instructions to sign out and then back in, but no luck. Maybe I have to reboot or something.

UPDATE: So, on my new laptop, I've never signed into my Google Account in IE, just in Opera. So, I sign out and in using Opera, and it just won't work, but I signed in for the first time in IE and I get the "Remove result" link. This pisses me off, because it took me all of three minutes to realize how fun using the link is. I just seem to enjoy removing all the crap that messes up my searches. I'm not sure if the link doesn't work in Opera, or if current Opera users have problems moving to the latest version of personalized search, or if its just bad luck, but I really want this to start working for me.


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